Six Months Update

Three Months By Car has been up and running for six months now, both here and on Facebook and Twitter.  Here’s a quick update on where it’s been and where it’s going.

The Facebook Page has over 330 Likes as of today; the Blog has 69 subscribers; Twitter has 193 followers.

The blog is 325 views away from 6,000.  Of the 5,675 views, people have looked in on the blog from 65 countries.

The project received the first photo of the three girls on their trip from a Stohl relative in Sweden after he discovered Three Months By Car.  Such a wonderful surprise, and thank you again!

I’ve shared 5 mail transcriptions (4 from Dotty) written during the trip.  I’ve shared snippets of postcards and letters as regular Facebook updates.

I’ve delved into the box that contains those postcards and letters to show you what else Dotty saved from the trip.  I will continue to do so until you have seen everything.

The 1929 road trip route has been mapped, along with maps for where Dotty sent mail and the places the girls went for sightseeing.  Coming soon are maps pertaining to the National Parks they visited and a map showing where they camped, versus where they stayed with relatives, etc.  I’ll also be linking maps to related blog posts.

Three Months By Car is currently in summer mode, with posts once a week instead of twice.  Come the fall, I’ll have access to a research library and I’ll be back to more frequent posting with brand new research findings.

Thank you for supporting Three Months By Car.  Please keep sharing posts, status updates, and tweets.  You are an immense help in spreading the word about this project. 🙂

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