Road Trip 1929: Day 7: Chicago, Illinois

I realized today that it has been over a month and a half since the last time I shared a transcription with you all.  It’s a short postcard, but I’m sharing the postcards and letters in order, so this one was the next one up.

4 Chicago2

Dear Everybody:

Chicago is very nice.  I wouldn’t mind living here.  We are going sightseeing tomorrow. Are staying at Edie’s aunt’s, + are quite civilized.  We are all gaining weight.

Lots of Love,


Out here they have Shell gas + Nehi drinks all the time.

4 Chicago

Even though it is short, I enjoy this postcard.  She mentions a type of gas station that she sees (not the only time she does this), and talks about Nehi drinks being widely available.  These statements show that Dotty paid attention to more than just the typical sites while on the trip.

Also, who doesn’t love Dotty’s admission of “We are all gaining weight”?


As an aside, Nehi soda was introduced in 1924 and the Nehi Corporation became the RC Cola brand in the 1950s.  Nehi soda was still marketed as such during that time.  I’ve never seen them in stores, but you can apparently still buy the three classic Nehi flavors online.

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