Frank E. Guyott and John G. Stohl

Since Sunday was Father’s Day, so I thought I would take this week’s blog post to expand upon the little I wrote of Frank Guyott and John Stohl when I introduced you all to Dotty, Edie, and Ev.

Frank E. Guyott was born in Watertown, NY on July 4, 1879 to Frank E. Guyott and Eliza Avery. His family moved to Northampton, Massachusetts sometime after. In 1899, he married Harriet Fuller and the two settled in Northampton, Massachusetts, living with Frank’s parents and siblings, before moving to Springfield, Massachusetts before 1910. Harriet, better known as Hattie, passed away in 1919, so Frank took Dotty (born in 1906) to Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he once again lived with his parents and sister Mabel. Frank remarried soon after to a woman named Louise. While in Bridgeport, he began working as a tool maker at the Bridgeport Metal Goods factory. It became a life-long career, working 44 hours a week in 1940 at the age of 60. Frank E. Guyott passed away in 1947.

John G. Stohl was born in Sweden on June 19, 1876. He came to America in 1887 and appears in the census in 1900 in Schenectady, New York as a boarder on a farm. He soon moved to Trumbull, Connecticut where in 1903 he married Selma Nilsson. In addition to living on a farm in Trumbull, he worked as a machinist for the Bullard Machine Tool Company. He retired prior to 1940. John G. Stohl passed away on April 20, 1962.

This is not an exhaustive background by any means, so expect to see this again as major details are fleshed out.

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