In the Box #8

The latest posts I’ve written have all been camping related.  Dotty, Edie, and Ev spent a majority of their 3-month road trip camping in either a tent or a cabin (and even spent one night camping in a roofless garage).

Many locales tried to capitalize on the popularity of camping by offering it as an option while visiting a given area.  While examining the box that holds Dotty’s postcards and letters I came across this brochure for the State Game Lodge in Custer State Park in South Dakota.


Opening the brochure reveals a spread about their camping amenities.


“The State Game Lodge Camp Ground is conveniently located on the beautiful Grace Coolidge Creek, where camping privileges can be secured for fifty cents, which entitles guest to electric lights, wood, water, toilet and watchman.  Tent cabins can also be rented for one dollar per day for two people.  Pillows, linen and maid service, fifty cents extra, per bed.  The Donalda Cabins are $1.50 per day with double bed, fifty cents extra for cots.  Pillows, linens, and maid service for Donalda Cabins, may be had for 50 cents extra per bed.

On the the Camp Grounds we have a store and filling station, where all tourist supplies may be secured, including fresh meat, butter, eggs, and milk.  We also have an information bureau in connection.”

I think this is such a wonderful source of information and it certainly adds to what Dotty writes about camps.  As I have said before, she describes most as “fine”, and only twice does she mention the price of the stay.

The three camped here around September 13, 1929.


In case you are wondering about the rest of the brochure, here are photos of the rest of it.



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