In the Box #6

Dotty mostly sent letters and postcards home.  As you may have already read, she occasionally sent home a news clipping.  This piece was an exception.  This is the one telegram she sent home.


The message reads:

Hello. Wire twenty dollars please today. Need spending money. Love, Dorothy.

The girls took $450 with them on the trip and returned home with $.47… 47 cents!  This telegram, however, shows that at least Dotty asked for more money.  Although I don’t know for sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if Edie and Ev did the same.

Notice that it was sent in the morning on October 10th from Monterey, California with the directions to get the answer from her stepmother upon its delivery.

That $20 in today’s money would be $271.97.

On Thursday, I’ll show you the reply.  Do you think she got the money?

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