Road Trip Map Version 2.0

If you follow Three Months By Car on Facebook, you will hopefully have seen that the Road Trip Map version 2.0 is now done!

Maybe you have taken the new map out for a spin, and thank you to those who have and have sent me suggestions for version 3.0.  I welcome all comments and suggestions, getting your input is enjoyable and helps me create a better project.

I wanted to quickly show you around the new map.

The overall map.

This is the map when it first loads.  It shows all three layers: The route, where Dotty sent mail, and where the three went for sightseeing/tourist purposes (versus where they stopped for the night, which is a part of the route map).

Just the route.

Just the route.

On the sidebar you can see only one layer has a check mark. This is just the layer showing the route of the trip.  The mail and sightseeing layers are in lighter gray because they are not shown on the map.

You can toggle off the route too, to see just one layer.  This one is where Dotty sent mail.

You can toggle off the route too, to see just one layer. This one is where Dotty sent mail.

You can switch between layers, so if you only want to see where Dotty sent mail (like in the above image), you can. You can do the same with the sightseeing layer as well.

What happens if you click on a place mark.
What happens if you click on a place mark.

When you click on a place mark, you’ll see an info box with any pertinent information about the trip.  It will likely consist of a date and it may say if they camped or where they stayed.

That’s it on the current version.  Future versions will have more information in the info boxes: links to blog posts about those places, or links to the postcards/letters sent from those places.

Google Maps Engine currently only allows me to create 3 layers per map, so that’s why there aren’t more.  I would like to show you a map with differing icons based on where they camped versus where they stayed in a cabin or with relatives.  This would be separate from the route map where you currently have to click each icon to possibly find out where they slept.  Anything created in addition to what I’ve shown will have to be a standalone map, which is fine, just it would be great to have a platform where it can all be on one map.  I’m still looking, so keep in mind this is only Version 2.0.  3.0 will happen, but for now, it’s back to research mode and getting back to showing you what else is in the box of letters and postcards.

If you have an idea of what I should include with future maps, let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you, and as always, thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Road Trip Map Version 2.0

  1. Jim says:

    I’m delighted that they drove through my hometown, South Bend, Indiana. I think the route they took across northern Indiana is interesting — I would have laid money on the Lincoln Highway, but they used US 20 instead!

    • When I looked at the map along with where they went US 20 seemed the more reasonable route. Sometimes I got lucky, as Dotty mentioned the road they traveled, but that was a rare mention. Most of the time I was left guessing and having to see if the logical route even existed at the time.

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