Road Trip 1929: Day 5: Osceola, Indiana

In just over four months, this blog has reached over 5,000 views.  To celebrate, I wanted to share the next postcard that Dotty sent home.

3 Osceola2

Sept 5th


Dear Everybody:

We are having a tri-state lunch this noon, while getting gas, etc. Bo’t part of it in Ohio, part in Mich. + are eating it in Indiana! Are now in Central Time, 2 hours earlier than you. Went up and saw a little town in Michigan, consisting of one general store + post office! Have been passing thru Ohio farming country, great big farms + huge red barns, pigs, sheep + corn. Very flat + no stones. Indiana is more rolling + has lakes. Cleveland is a beautiful city of homes on Lake Erie. We passed thru it. Everybody seems to be friends on the road. We are getting to be curiousities, now that we are 900 miles from home. Expect to be in Chicago tomorrow morning, are not hurrying. Made 220 mi. yesterday. Saw the first Conn. car since N.Y. state today + waved. Have seen many other states, including Mass. We are getting outnumbered. Camping is still wonderful!

Lots of Love,


3 OsceolaThis is one of my favorite postcards.  I love that they were paying attention to the other license plates around them and were happy to see another Connecticut car.  In all of my travels, and especially when I’m living out of my home state, I’m always on the lookout for fellow Rhode Islanders by searching for a RI plate.  I am also guilty of waving at RI drivers depending on just how far away from home I am.  Dotty’s statement that “Camping is still wonderful!” makes me wonder if their families didn’t think that they’d like camping.  I also appreciate that Dotty mentions the landscapes they are driving through and how many miles they had driven the day before, both are great from a research standpoint.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Three Months By Car!

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7 Responses to Road Trip 1929: Day 5: Osceola, Indiana

  1. ypsi-slim says:

    Osceola – On the Lincoln Highway in Indiana (US 33)

  2. Diane says:

    It brings back so many memories to see my nana’s handwriting.

    • Good, I’m glad. I had to have my mom help me with a few of the words that I couldn’t make out since I’m wasn’t all that familiar with her handwriting. I definitely got better with it though.

  3. I love that you are sharing this incredible journey…. I love the letter…very unique!

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