Earlier today on Twitter and Facebook, I showed the following preview of the map I am working on to retrace the route that Dotty, Edie, and Ev took in 1929.

Map Progress

If it looks familiar, that’s because I’m using the Google Maps platform.  I’m finding it relatively easy to work with, and I like that I can customize the place markers (so far I’ve only made them green rather than the default blue) and route line.  It’s a bit tedious to get the route lines to go where I want them to versus where Google suggests, but that’s my only complaint.  Google defaults to the more major roads, many of which did not exist in 1929, like Interstate 90.  In certain areas, especially out west, this is easily remedied because I can adjust the route line to go through towns not around them or I can see a road marked “Old Highway 10” and I can choose to move my line onto that road.

I’m hoping to roll out the first version of the map by Thursday, this weekend at the latest.  I say first version, because it will evolve over time.  I plan to make it very interactive, and that’s where you come in…

What would you like to see in a map like this? Would you like to see it sortable by destinations sorted by month, places where they camped versus where they stayed with relatives, only the places they sent mail from? Do you want it to link back to blog posts that talk about these places? Eventually I hope to add pictures from my own road trip and any additional pictures that I get from the original trip.  Anything else you can think of?

Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing from you.

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