Mentions of Clothing

As you may have gathered by now, much of the 1920s prescriptive literature found in women’s magazines discussed fashion, but the story about the three girls in Washington D.C. suggests that not everyone who traveled followed the advice given in these articles (just like people can choose to ignore or take advice today).  Not everyone was as concerned about clothing as the articles would suggest they should be, and I’m venturing a guess that Dotty, Edie, and Ev were not so concerned about clothes (at least while traveling).

Only 6 of the 35 pieces of Dotty’s letters and postcards mentioned a specific article of clothing.  The first postcard, from Hawley, Pennsylvania, contains the first mention of clothing.  Written the first night of the trip, she writes, “must go to bed now in my big teddy bear suit,” which I can imagine was a type of warm pajamas.  She again mentions pajamas in the postcard sent from Ashtabula, Ohio as well.  The third appears in a letter sent from Elgin, Illinois in which Dorothy writes about forgetting her bathing suit in Connecticut and needing to borrow one from Edie and Evelyn’s aunt.  The fourth occurrence came in a postcard’s postscript from Interior, South Dakota: “I don’t know what I’d do without the big pockets in my pants.”  When the three reached Montana, Dorothy added another pair of pants to her wardrobe writing, “I have bought me a pair of blue jeans, like the rest of the cowboys.  They are nice + warm.”  The sixth, sent from San Diego, mentions their big pajamas, possibly the same ones written about in the postcards from Hawley or Ashtabula.  To me, it makes sense that she mentioned her pajamas—she mainly wrote home at night.  In San Diego, Dorothy wrote about her pajamas in direct reference to how clean they got due to their ability to use washing machines; I’ll briefly go into laundry more in an upcoming post.[1]

[1] Dotty Guyott, Postcard from Hawley, Pennsylvania; Guyott, Postcard from Ashtabula, Ohio; Guyott, Letter from Elgin, Illinois; Guyott, Postcard from Interior, South Dakota; Guyott, Letter from Missoula, Montana; Guyott, Letter from San Diego, October 28, 1929.

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