Three Months By Car, The Start…

…of a thesis and now a Public History project!

How do your projects start?  Do they start in a garage with a car to restore?  Do they start with a map and an idea for a route?  Do they start with inspiration from a book, something learned in class, or a random discovery?

For me, one could say this started in 1929 when Dotty, Edie, and Ev began this trip (and in some respects that is certainly true), but you could also say it began with a box.  This box:

This is the box that helped to start it all.

This is the box that helped to start it all.

It’s a smallish, maybe 12″ x 8″, cedar box.

It's rather pretty and it shows some wear.

It’s rather pretty and it shows some wear.

As with many boxes, however, it is what’s inside that counts.


For if there was nothing inside this box, or if it held jewelry and not the postcards, letters, National Park books, and newspaper articles that Dotty asked her family to save (and then saved herself), then there would be no project despite an amazing road trip.  There would have been little I could have done without this box and its contents.

Stay tuned as I show you more of what’s inside the box over a series of upcoming posts.

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11 Responses to Three Months By Car, The Start…

  1. Roz Rea says:

    That is a great box! Perhaps it is indicative of how special the memories it contained were for the person who stored them away.

    • I definitely believe that you are right, Roz. Dotty asked that the postcards and letters be kept back in 1929, and she kept them for the rest of her life; if that’s not indicative of their being special, I don’t know what is. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dianne says:

    You never know the treasures in scraps of paper.Thank goodness no one threw them away

  3. Diane Lockard says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip, and to be able to “experience” what women had available at that time…

  4. My grandmother had a very similar box she stashed important mementos in (letters, cards, and different bobbles). The box originally held a brush and comb set and was a gift from my grandfather when they were dating. 🙂

    Did you come across the box unexpectedly? Was it something your grandmother showed you? Or was it something you always knew existed? Inquiring minds want to know!

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