Road Trip 1929: Day 1: Bridgeport to Hawley

Any good journey starts with Day 1, and to thank everyone for helping the Three Months By Car Facebook page get over 100 Likes before the 31st, I wanted to share a post card with all of you.

Day 1 of the 1929 road trip found Dotty, Edie, and Ev starting their grand adventure from Bridgeport, CT (where Dotty lived) to Trumbull (where Edie and Ev lived) to Hawley, PA.

That night Dotty wrote a post card home.

1 Hawley2

Here’s the transcription:

Sunday night 9:00

Dear Everybody:

     Here we are ready to go to bed. Made 150 miles today, stopped at Lake Wallenpaupack, Milford Hawley, Pa.  We are right on the shore of the lake at a fine camp ground.  Lots + lots of cars here, but we are secluded.  Setting up camp went just like clockwork.  We had dinner on our “porch” – the stove, so far, is working fine.  Everything was packed very conveniently.

     Must go to bed now in my big teddy bear suit.

Lots of love,


It’s the only postcard that didn’t have a postmark, so I wonder if it slipped through the post office without getting one, or if Dotty decided to not send it.

1 Hawley

9 Wood Ave no longer exists, it’s a gas station.

As I post more full transcriptions, and I can’t say how often that will be, I will list them at a new tab in the menu bar, labeled Transcriptions.  You can be sure that when the book I write about this trip, the prescriptive literature, and my trip is published, there will be transcriptions of all postcards and letters.

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