Two-Week Update

It has been two weeks since the launch of Three Months By Car, so I wanted to take this post to write a quick update of what has happened since January 1st.

  • The Three Months By Car Blog hit over 400 views, not bad for a two-week run. It’s a 32-views-a-day average.
  • The Facebook Page surged to 76 Likes.  I invite you to head over there and like it if you do not like it already.  If you do like it, please continue to share it with those you know.
  • Twitter has been the slower grower, with 33 followers, but through that I’ve met someone whose grandmother went on a similar trip a few years after Dotty, Edie, and Ev.  I love making connections like that.  The following has picked up over the past couple of days as I have begun to reach out to area Tourism offices for the 1929 road trip destinations.  I am optimistic that this will be a great outreach platform over time.
  • My new blogging schedule is as follows: Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • This project has introduced me to a wonderful group of people interested in America’s travel history and historic roads.  They have left me very helpful and positive comments on here and are definitely helping to get the word out on the project to other like minded individuals.  I am still waiting to be approved to post in the American Road Magazine forum so that I can better interact with them there, and I definitely look forward too.
  • It is likely that the three traveled on a section of the Yellowstone Trail.  The Yellowstone Trail Association has shown interest in my writing something for their newsletter.  They seem like a great organization and I look forward to the opportunity.
  • The Colorado History Directory has also shown interest in my project, even though Colorado was not visited in 1929, and I have been asked to post updates on their Facebook Page.  It is heartening to see this project’s wide appeal.
  • Through some awesome networking, I was put in touch with StoryPress, which is a platform that will allow me to create audio books.  I am hoping to start with a short narrative of the 1929 trip soon.  The app is currently for the iPad, but as soon as it gets to the Droid platform, I’ll be uploading something there, and I’ll post here as soon as I do.

So a great big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this a fabulous first two weeks.  Here’s to many more.  🙂



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2 Responses to Two-Week Update

  1. Mike says:

    Ah, your on Android…didn’t know that. We’ll be there soon, do you have a tablet or a smartphone?

    • I didn’t realize that it was currently Apple based until I went back to download the app this weekend. I had missed the “Coming Soon” near the Google Play icon when I first visited the page. I have a Droid smartphone, but am hoping to borrow an iPad for this first submission, likely during this weekend, so it will be all good. 🙂

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