Meet Maria

Time to meet the person behind the blog, Facebook page, and Twitter: Me!

Maria is from Rhode Island and to her, Dorothy Guyott is Nana (pronounced Nonna, like Donna).  It is through the familial connection that this project, Three Months By Car, has come to life.

Maria has a BA in Cultural and Historic Preservation and an MA in History Museum Studies.  Her Master’s thesis was inspired by the road trip that Dorothy, Edith, and Evelyn went on in 1929.  She is currently working on expanding her thesis to cover subjects she couldn’t due to a page limit and would eventually like to turn it into a book.

Her ultimate goal is to retrace the path driven by Dorothy, Edith, and Evelyn: to go where they went, to see what they saw, and to see what has changed.  She is currently looking to secure funding so that this trip can happen, hopefully in 2014 for the 85th anniversary of the original.  This too will be a part of the book she expects to write.

Maria is me, the author of this blog.  This blog is a way of sharing the experiences of Dorothy, Edith, and Evelyn, the research from my thesis and its expansion, as well as my own experiences when I retrace their trip.

Thank you for reading.

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