Road Trip Goals

Dorothy Guyott, Edith Stohl, and Evelyn Stohl started their road trip in Bridgeport, CT.   They drove across the country on a northern route, and once they reached Tacoma, they turned north to Vancouver.   They turned back down the Pacific coast and headed into Tia Juana.  From Mexico, they went back to California and then followed a southern route across the country to Florida then up the Atlantic coast back to Bridgeport.  In following the roads traveled by the three young women, or girls as they would have been called in 1929, I am planning to:

  1. Analyze the similarities and differences between advice literature from the 1920s and advice literature from today
  2. Document how the places visited in 1929 have transformed or been historically preserved
  3. Learn about what news-making events were happening in each place as the three visited them
  4. See how far $450 will get her along the route (the amount the three took with them in 1929)
  5. See how far $6,058 will get her on the trip ($450 in 1929 inflated to today’s price)
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