A Journey Begins…

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to Three Months By Car!

In 1929, three young women, ages 23 and 25, went on a three-months-long, tri-country road trip. In total they drove 12,353 miles. They autocamped, stayed in hotels, and occasionally stayed with relatives. Taking $450, they returned home to Bridgeport, CT with 47 cents.

In 2011, a Master’s thesis was written about their trip based on postcards and letters sent home by one of the three girls. The thesis looked at the contents of this mail and used the contents to analyze advice literature on how women should go on road trips and autocamp.

There is so much more of their story to be told.

Now, the author of that thesis, a relative of the postcards and letters’ author, is hoping to recreate the trip in 2014, 85 years after the original.

This is their story, my story, our story, and thank you for joining in on the adventure.

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